Elder Lester Ashford

“It brings the neighborhood out, and where they got dilapidated buildings it looks better when they are replaced with new buildings. It always is better to have our community beautified. It is uplifting and oftentimes it changes the way people think and live.”

Shanee Washington

“I think that it’s a negative on the community because they are raising everything up so that we have to move out of the neighborhood because they know we can’t afford it. So it’s very unfair for us and our children. They’re not changing anything – on helping us in any kind of a way.”

Oliver Adams

“Well, I think it definitely brings the neighborhood up. What I’ve seen going on is most of the young men are not hanging out on the street as neighborhoods progress. I’ve been here in Austin quite a while and I’ve seen a drastic transition. I’m loving it, no doubt about it. The new housing development gives people a chance to live in a decent house. It will give you a chance to spread out a little bit, without everyone living on top of each other all sandwiched in.”

Leslie Davis

“I understand a new building is coming on Central and Lake, and it will probably help to keep the guys off the corner. So I believe things like this is a advantage for the community.”

Shirley Jones

“I don’t think it truly benefits the people or the community. I think that they have not reached out to talk to the community to find out their thoughts about how it should be done. I also feel that they are dislocating a lot of people who grew up in the community. They are building the new neighborhood on the backs of the people instead of including the people in the whole process, not only for jobs, but education and so forth. I think it is a disservice to the people as a whole.”

Artavia Wright

“It’s getting most of the rift-rafts out, but it’s also making it harder for those who are trying to make it. In that respect, it is a negative because I’m a parent, and it makes it harder for me to find an apartment in a nice neighborhood or a nice block. New developments are great but it should not exclude people with children, single mothers or single fathers. Everyone wants to live in a nice place, but there should be something done about the high cost of rents.”

Mary Janicke

“It has the potential to be a positive influence on the community, but we need more federal assistance to help residents afford the nicer buildings and to assist with the new businesses. They have made the restriction on Section 8 so stringent, so even if you’re lucky enough to have a voucher it’s hard to use it because nothing applies.”

Michele Mims

“Well, I believe it’s definitely a negative impact on the community. The people in the community can’t even afford the condos and the new housing. We’re already paying higher ComEd prices; we can barely pay the gas prices, [and] buy groceries. It is ridiculous the way things are happening. What about ‘we the people’? We are human beings and we should matter.”