• Gary Collins (River Forest)
  • Judy Greffin (Oak Park) Chairperson
  • Darnell Shields (Austin)
  • Sheila Solomon (Hyde Park)
  • Eric Weinheimer (River Forest)
  • Nile Wendorf (Oak Park) Treasurer
  • Deb Abrahamson (Oak Park)

Dan Haley: CEO & President of Growing Community Media; Editor & Publisher

Bob Uphues: Senior Editor

Michael Romain: Austin Weekly News Editor, Wednesday Journal Staff Writer

Stacey Sheridan: Wednesday Journal Staff Writer

F. Amanda Tugade: Wednesday Journal Staff Writer

Ken Trainor: Viewpoints Editor

Alex Rogals: Staff Photographer

Andy Mead: Design & Production Manager

Javier Govea: Editorial Design Manager

Joyce Minch: Business Manager

Lourdes Nicholls: Advertising Director

Marc Stopeck: Advertising Sales

Mary Ellen Nelligan: Development Manager

Jill Wagner: Circulation Manager

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