During the regular monthly meeting of the NAACP West Side Branch, President Karl Brinson submitted to members the Economic Reciprocity Initiative (ERI) report card. In 1996, the NAACP launched ERI to measure corporate America’s financial relationship with the black community. Since then, the report has expanded its scope, and has continued to highlight diversity efforts made in a number of leading industries. Brinson told members the importance of having the black community review these corporations, as they generate $700 billion in spending power.

Companies are listed by industry (* indicates refusal to respond to NAACP survey).

Company Score/Grade


DaimlerChrysler 2.90 B-
Ford 2.81 B-
Toyota 2.57 C+
General Motors 2.43 C
BMW 2.26 C

Hyundai 2.24 C

Honda 1.89 C-
Mitsubishi 1.81 C-
Nissan 1.65 D+
Volkswagen 1.34 D

Financial Services

Wachovia Corps. 3.24 B
Bank of America 3.09 B
Suntrust Banks, Inc. 2.94 B-
Washington Mutual 2.87 B-
Key Corps. 2.62 C+
LaSalle Bank 2.62 C+
Wells Fargo & Co. 2.56 C+
U.S. Bancorp. 2.54 C+
Fifth Third Bank 2.47 C
National City 2.44 C
Citigroup, Inc. 2.38 C
PNC Financial 2.24 C
J. P. Morgan Chase 1.94 C-
Citizen’s Financial Group 1.78 C-

Merchandising Industry

Macy’s 2.82 B-
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 2.57 C-
J.C. Penny Company, Inc. 1.70 D+
Nordstrom, Inc. 1.44 D
*Kohl’s Dept. Stores 1.38 D
*Sears, Roebuck & Co 0.88 D-
*Dillard’s Inc. 0.00 F
Target 0.00 F


Marriott 2.62 C+
Intercontinental 2.19 C
Wyndam Worldwide 1.91 C-
Hilton 1.88 C-
Choice 1.65 D+
Adam’s Mark 2.77 B-
Loews 2.91 B-
Starwood 2.30 C
Hyatt 2.11 C
Carlson 2.08 C
Omni 1.50 D+


Alltel Communications 3.05 B
AT & T 2.87 B-
*Cablevision 0.00 F
Charter Communications 1.94 C-
Comcast 2.76 B-
Cox Communications 2.68 C+
Embarq Corporation 1.69 D+
Qwest Communications 1.21 D
Sprint Corporation 1.94 C-
*T-Mobile 0.00 F
Time Warner Cable 2.49 C
Verizon 2.71 C+

A full report can be downloaded at www.naacp.org