Frankie J. Redditt

“I feel he has just as good a chance as Hillary or anyone else. He’s campaigning very hard. He’s saying that he stands for change, and I think we need a change at this time in history. I think he would make an excellent president if given the opportunity.”

Mac Alexander (owner of MacArthur’s)

“Well, he has a good chance. He shocked me in Iowa. I didn’t expect him to win there. He does have a chance if we get out and work. I wouldn’t say 100 percent, but he does have a chance, and it looks better than I thought.”

Cornelius Spencer

“I believe he can right now. Things are changing. Our community, different neighborhoods, different states – people are looking for a change. I’m not sure what that change will be, but Barack Obama is that positive change.”

Larry Ball

“Yes, he has quite a good chance. It’s about time we get a little change. The economy is bad. The papers say that the economy is great, but I don’t think so. I think he has a really good chance of winning if everybody comes out and vote.”

Eli Triplett

“He can win, but I’m so afraid he will get assassinated. But one thing I admire: what he’s doing, he is showing that a black can run for president with class and dignity – that is a good thing. We all should stick together, but the younger generation got a better chance in the arena now. Hillary, you know, she started crying in New Hampshire, but she ain’t got the same material as her husband.”

Alexander Young III

“I don’t think he’s going to win. Just like with [President] Bush, when they stole the votes, it might happen again. I just don’t think the white man is going to let it happen. I would like to see Obama win, but I don’t think they will let it happen. It would be nice to see this happen in our lifetimes. I don’t think it will.”

Joseph R. Wilson

“I think he will win the nomination for the Democratic Party. The nation is galvanized behind him, and they want a change. It’s time for new leadership and for the old guard to step aside. I think people realize that the Clinton’s thought they had a lock on it. Now, the people have spoken, as well as America.”