The R. Kelly acquittal does not surprise me. It only confirms that things haven’t changed for little black girls since Thomas Jefferson had a longtime affair with his slave, Sally Hemings, beginning when she was a teen. The sad fact is, the whole world is unrestrained from dispensing its anger, perversion and sadistic thrills on the world’s most vulnerable. If R. Kelly is not responsible, someone is, because some little black girl was violated. It doesn’t matter who she was. Ironically, this verdict would occur on the doorsteps of Father’s Day. After hearing the verdict during Al Sharpton’s commentary on WVON Radio, it immediately took me back to a situation I encountered two weeks before.

While waiting to purchase several items at a store on the West Side, a black girl, about three years old, handed the merchant her items. He was on a cell phone during the transaction and said “two dollars.” As he took the currency, simultaneously she waited, complaining, “You owe me a dollar. I gave you three dollars.”

“Why did you give me three dollars if it’s only 2?” he asked.

She replied, “Because I thought there would be tax.”

The merchant then began cursing and belittling her as he took a dollar from the register, slammed it on the counter reluctantly, and stipulated his doubts. Two other black men were standing there. One of them was his employee. They both began laughing and grinning. I then told the merchant to watch how he talks to the child because he would not appreciate me talking to an Arab child in such a manner. And, if he wanted to bully someone, here I am. Outrage then propelled me to slam my items on the counter and walk out the door. Now imagine what more would have gone through this black baby’s mind had I not been there after being emotionally-tormented by these adult men.

The entire ordeal reminded me of something that took place years ago while I was living in Nevada. Two white college students were in a casino together when one of them grabbed a 3-year-old black girl and dragged her into the men’s room, raped her and then strangled her to death with her underwear. DNA and surveillance footage convicted him. However, his companion was never charged though he admitted having knowledge of what was transpiring.

My own 10-year-old niece was shot and killed while jumping rope with her friends in front of her home. Two thugs were shooting at each other over drugs and she was hit in the head. The gunman served two years for it. We’re all aware of the dozens of little black girls that have been shot in drive-bys by “gangs that can’t shoot straight.”

Whether conscious or unconscious, this form of chauvinistic, fratricidal and sexual dominance sends the message to some men that it’s still cool to do whatever you please to black girls because there are no consequences for it. Little black girls have even been indoctrinated into casually addressing each other as bitch. Older black girls are standing in line to booty-shake on rap videos with thugs and graduating to pornographic films with men to be showcased the world over.

So long as black girls are taught and shown that they have no significance beyond filthy sex or their blood being spilled like water for someone else’s delight, some of them will actually believe that is all they’re worth.