I decided to return to church last Sunday after almost a year of taking care of school, work, and home exclusively and was treated to a surprise in the appearance of the legendary performer Stevie Wonder. The musician’s visit to New Destiny Christian Center was truly about coming to a place of worship that he’d heard about and sharing in the message of Jesus Christ. Wonder took some time to share a few lessons about love that he had learned from watching other people around him.

When Wonder walked into New Destiny during worship and praise, the choir was singing about being free. Many people are not free in life because they hold onto bitterness and anger that prevents them from gaining their blessings in life, and as they may miss things that are in store for them because they are full. If there is no room in your cup, nothing can be brought in.

When the choir finished singing, Pastor Zachory Tims invited Wonder up to speak. Wonder came up with a harmonica and passed it on, stating, “I figure if I could give one to the president, I can give one to you.” He also laughed and told the pastor that he’d pass the harmonica on but it has a lot of spit in it.

Lessons on family

Before singing, Wonder started talking about a friend of his that comes from a family of 11 children. The parents had been married for years and at least two of the children in the family were blind and with other complications. Wonder reminded everyone of the meaning of family and why it is important to be there for each other, especially when there will be people who have a need and require the assistance of everyone to make things work.

Lesson on love

That one family had parents that had been married years and years. Wonder said he believed that is a testament about enduring love. And that is the kind of love that Jesus had for us. He encouraged the family to write a book about love as an example for couples and love.

Wonder’s presence only enhanced the day’s message at New Destiny to let go of bitterness and be free. Those were the lessons people took home with them.

When Wonder stopped to sing about falling in love with Jesus, it reminded me that all of us face the task of living this life. Celebrity does not prevent heartache and trauma nor does it mean that those people don’t have to look to God for love and engagement to make it through life. Stevie Wonder has been a music industry great but his presence that day emphasized a need to focus on faith and balance in life to foster good relationships and on the most important thing in the world: family and love.

Sunday, I fell in love with Jesus again just because I showed up to church instead of sleeping and watching cable on my couch. I was treated with a lesson from an awesome and humble man who talked about family and love and what the strength of those bonds can do for people in their life. I learned that having something to do should not be anyone’s excuse for not coming to talk with the Lord and putting their problems in His hands. I was taught very simple lessons from someone of great stature who that day was speaking just to me.

Angelic Jones

I am a native Chicagoan with a love for my city. I was born on the South Side. I am most interested in health and living. I attended University of Phoenix for a Masters in Health Administration and a Masters...