Randiss Hopkins

“I think it is a wonderful thing, because back in time different cultures and races-they did not get along; blacks were separated from whites and vice-versa. I think people understand that it is about us coming together, and not about this race against one. Trans-racial adoptions show that we can all come together and we can all help each other.”

Bril Barren

“I feel that trans-racial adoption is fine-anything that is in the best interest of the children. I just always want to make sure whenever it is a young African American or African child; that the parents are aware that there is a culture that still needs to be taught, even though the child may not be raised in that culture. But you would always want to keep that in the forefront of their education because it will answer questions that they are going to have their whole lives.”

Michael Ross

“Of course, all kids need to be loved and they need some type of family structure. My thing is: I think we as black people need to step up and start adopting these kids, especially those who have the resources. We could start reaching out and putting money toward building families, as oppose to always thinking that a black child should be adopted by a white family-and falling into that trap thinking that all white people have the resources and the money to adopt a black child.”

Michael Brandon Walker

“I call it ‘The Different Strokes’ syndrome, where you have white people adopting black children, or Hispanic children, or Chinese children. A lot of times it is taken into context that these people are coming to save them or ‘we can give them a better life.’ I see that in the case of children who are orphaned; but to walk into a family and say ‘I’m going to take your kid,’ is not something I would approve of.”

Sona Smith

“I believe that if a couple or individual is going to adopt outside of their race, then they should feel compelled to make sure that they keep that child in tune with his or her culture-things that are important to that ethnicity and that race. Make sure that they do a good job at learning, being culturally sensitive and culturally aware so that they don’t grow up with an identity crisis.”

Terrell Jackson

“I think it would be OK, because a white or black person can give the same love. Also, it should not matter-God said we should all love one another, so whatever color we are it should not matter. I realize that there are myths about adoptions, especially with black kids. But if they are given love and taught about their culture, it should be OK.”

Rev. Benjamin Hooks:

“The most enduring contributions made to civilization have not been made by brawn; they have been made by brain.”