Stacie Johnson

“Immigration reform is necessary. I think it needs to be fair, considering these are human lives. They have families already, they’ve been established in our economy. Our economy has become accustomed to their contributions, so to totally just either ignore them or to totally kick them out is not really an option. I think just the fact that they are here¡ªthat they do contribute in one way or another¡ªthey need to be addressed fairly.”

Rickie P. Brown Sr.

“I really do have an issue with immigration reform dealing with the people of Haiti, due to the fact that it took an earthquake to get the United States’ attention on dealing with the people of Haiti. Usually, the people of Haiti would come here to the United States – they were immediately sent right back. So I hope this immigration reform really, really does include the people of Haiti.”

Johnathan Biggs

“Definitely, we need reform. There are people here that have been working in the U.S. for a long period of time – so-called undocumented immigrants; and they have been here and it is time to legalize them. We’re profiting from their labor and their work. It separates the family – part of the family is undocumented, part of the family are U.S. citizens born here. It is time to bring those families together; to legalize those 12 million people that are undocumented. At the same time, I think we do need to make sure that we have tighter immigration control, and to figure out a way to stop this from happening in the future; or at least reduce the flow of undocumented people coming through.”

Margaret Spearman

“I can take this in two different directions. With reforming immigration, we have to talk about not just one group, but many groups who want to enter the United States and become citizens. Remember, what is going on today didn’t just start. However, in some communities you’re talking about an influx of immigrants, and the people who have been here for years are having conflicts because they have been trying to get reform and money for that. Now they got another group opposing them when it comes to economic funding; where are the funds going to go?”

Suzanne McBride

“I wish that those who are not willing to talk about immigration reform would look back at their own history and realize that very few of us actually were original residents of this fine country. At one point all of us were immigrants, with the exception, of course, of the Native Americans. And so, I hope that people can come together and realize that the current law is not working. It needs to be fixed, and then millions of people who are already contributing a lot to our country should be allowed to do so legally.

Vanetta Hines

“I’m for immigration reform. Everyone that wants to come to this country should be allowed, especially if they are contributing to the function of the country¡ªlike working and making this country what it is today better. We want to be strong in this country and I’m really for it. I see a lot of different races doing a lot of different things, and I think they are positive.”

Mahatma Gandhi:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”