Stacey Davis

“I would like to say to all of them, happy Memorial Day, hurry home and be safe. I currently have a niece serving in the Marines and she is stationed at Great Lakes. She will be out today celebrating with us here in the park.”

Barbara Ellison

“What I would like is for all the troops to respect the fact that President Obama is doing everything he can, and that we all pray and hope you are safe where you are and come home. And for the ones who are not here anymore our prayers go out to their families and that everybody stays strong and is supportive of each other, especially for those troops overseas. I have a family member serving in the Army; his name is Junior Hurt.”

Kimberly Carr

“I appreciate their serving our country for us and I pray that they come home safely. I have a family member that is serving in the Marines currently. Ifm happy a news agency came out to Columbus Park to ask us about our loved ones. I pray for all families who have troops currently serving.”

Alex Davis

“I wish all the troops a safe and happy holiday and come home to your families. For those who have lost family members I send my prayers and thank them for their service, and acknowledge their families on this special day.”

Taurian Davis

“I just want to say happy Memorial Day and come back home safe. And my cousin is serving.


Martin Luther King:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.