Jonelle Powell

“I’ve been working for Edna for 40 years and she was just like a mother to me. I can’t get over it. Edna meant a whole lot to me. She was my friend, my mother, my boss, and she did a lot for me and I’m going to miss her very much.”

Angela Shaviss

“Words cannot explain what I’m feeling. She was a second cousin to me as well. Prior to working here, I had the opportunity to know her, so I just don’t know what to say. All the customers who come in say how wonderful she was; how generous she was, and willing to help anyone. She was very generous in heart and in spirit, so I’m just glad I had the opportunity to know her.

Kendall Bedenfield

“She was a great person. She gave me a chance; she gave me a job and was really sweet. People would come around asking for things; she would give it to them. She was really a wonderful lady and I will miss her greatly.”

Samella Jackson

“I have been working for Edna for 5 years and I worked for her before. I’ve known her way before she went into business. She use to come to my place where I was working and help us out. She was a friend to Mary Wickers, of Uncle Remus Restaurants, and we all united together. I really loved her. She was a very special friend of mine and I’m so sorry this happened. I’m going to try to carry on, whoever takes over I will be with them and stand by their side. I love her so.”

Alex DeJesus

“Edna was my boss. She was a good person and she gave me a job. I am going to really miss her, and she was a good person to everyone.”

Bessie Tucker (Head cook)

“It is devastating. I hate to even think about it. She was such a wonderful person and we are going to miss her. I’m going to still be doing her biscuits and her macaroni¡ªthat is what she would want. I will carry on her legacy. Edna was not only a special person for Chicago’s West Side; she was a special lady for the world. I worked for Edna for 20 years and it has been a joy to know her.”

Gloria Jones

“I loved Edna so much; she has been in my heart a long time. At one time I was working for her and I was only 17 years old; she was in my heart and there for me. I am devastated over her death, and I know I will miss her because she was like a mother to me. I just can’t tell you how much I loved her; the words are hard to explain.”

“I was the only one, with the exception of a lounge, that survived on this block.”

 – Edna Stewart, speaking in 2007 about the riots of 1968