Robert Taylor

“No, I donft think it was their fault in the first place. They got other people who are drilling, and they just touched the wrong button. When you touch the wrong button, something is going to happen. If there is a boycott, it is going to hurt all of us and the small business, and many of the smaller stations buy from BP anyway. If youfre going to get them, get them all.”

Chris Chatman (barber)

“Maybe it would lower gas prices and that would help us out a little, especially if everybody did it for one day. They are going to lose a lot of money anyway, and maybe it would get their attention with the high cost of gas we are paying.”

Ron Gibson

“I do believe one of the ways to show my distaste or disgust toward any form of business that does not support me or do the things they are supposed to by valuing my dollar is to simply take my money somewhere else. At the same time, from what I understand in the media and newspapers, 90 percent of BP stations are independently owned, so therefore that would hurt small business. Being a small business, I have to support small businesses because we need them. But at the same time, if I owned a deli and that deli was responsible for stealing meat from other bigger companies getting it at a discount and bringing it to me, I would then have to share some of the blame because I then took product, packaged that product and resold that product. [But] we do need gas stations in our community.

Blake Taylor (9 years old)

“No to boycott.”

James Garner (barber)

“I think it should be and it shouldnft be because it is going to hurt the individual owners of BP stations, but it wonft hurt the company itself because they donft own all the stations, a lot are independently owned. It is going to hurt the independent small businesses and not the companies they are trying to affect and wonft have an effect on them.”

Jeff Williams (barber)

“I donft think it will benefit in boycotting because people are going to buy the gas anyway. Unfortunately they had a gas leak. Deal with it and go on. My understanding is BP stations are independently owned, and they are not owned by the corporation. They still need to carry on and do their business.”

Note: Proprietor Ron Gibson, a creative young entrepreneur, is involved in many community activities. One of his passions is playing chess and teaching young people how to play. Last year, Gibson was involved in a chess tournament held in the Austin community for young people.