Antavious Murphy

“I actually started a small savings account, but it is hard. The price of living is up and I’m just pinching pennies. I like the Illinois Back to Work program; it has given me something to do and gives me a chance to work in the neighborhood. I love talking to the youth because I am able to pass on my experiences and show them hard work is better and there are no short cuts.”

Judith Burnett

“The first thing I’m doing through these hard times is preparing meals from scratch. No more fancy restaurants; cut out the fast foods. Fast foods are not good for a healthy diet. Also, using my bicycle more to go short distances rather than driving, and that really saves a lot of money. I’m riding the bus; the bus is more cost efficient because gas is so expensive. It is very hard to keep your tank full nowadays.”

Edna Robinson-Bryant

“I’m doing several things. I don’t drive as often, to avoid spending money on gas. I don’t shop at expensive stores anymore. No more take-out food; it is expensive and not as healthy for you anyway. I don’t buy the bottled water; I bought a purifier, and the purifier is just as good as the bottled water. So you can do small things-it saves a lot of cash.”

Stephanie Williams

“What I’m doing during these times: I have two children and shop less at the name-brand stores. I prepare my food from scratch; I don’t do restaurant shopping. I cut back on the gas bill by using the crock pot and things like that. I opened a bank account because I didn’t have one at first, so I am monitoring my money.”

Miles Cross

“I got a bank account so I can manage my money. I give back to the community, helping the elderly and the young. And I’m not buying expensive clothes like I used to, and managing my money by not spending it all in one place. And I like Illinois Back to Work Program because it has made me a more productive person and kept me off the streets.”

Anthony Hardman

I bargain shop, as far as clothes and things for my kids’ school. And paying bills at home to try to keep lights and gas down; we try to improvise and eliminate where we can. I try to teach my wife and kids the same thing. We are trying to cut back on things we don’t need. And find things we can substitute when the holidays come. We don’t need 10 slabs of ribs for holidays; two slabs and vegetables are just as good.”

Hakizimana Scott

“I take a small percentage and put it to the side. I consider myself broke when I take 15 or 25 percent and put to the side. Another method that I use is I buy things that I need and not what I want, and that is pretty much it.”

Arthur Wesson

“I’ve been buying the things that I need, instead of what I want. By me being a single parent I shop for bargains. I had a chance to open a bank account through the program, and my son: he has a bank account now also.”

Note: Illinois Back to Work is a state program to employ people in public works projects, including on roads and at schools.

Quote of the week:

“It’s easy to do anything in victory. It’s in defeat that a man reveals himself.”

-Floyd Patterson, former heavyweight boxing champion