Grady C. Jordan

“Well, I was not there and I only know what I read in the newspaper. And based on that, I just don’t know if they made a case to convict him. If he was being tried for stupidity, yes, but that is not against the law. I’m not sure it appears he was trying to get something. I’m not sure if he ever got anything. I don’t see that they made a real case for a conviction.”

Francine Watkins

“Blagojevich hasn’t done anything any other politician has ever done. All politicians, when they campaign; they take money for fund raising. And anytime you tap somebody’s home phone and people speak on that phone freely and you’re tapping it¡ªhe has a right to speak on his phone and say whatever he wants to say on his telephone. I think he was bamboozled. Whatever goes on with his trial, I think he is innocent until proven guilty. And as far as I’m concern, he is innocent because you should not tap anybody’s phone, or arrest anybody in front of their children at 6 in the morning. If they wanted him they should have waited until he got to work.”

Walter Tidwell

“I think he will not be found guilty, and I hope he won’t. I just don’t believe it and I believe in him. I don’t think they presented a good case.”

Richard Barnett

“I don’t think he should be convicted because I don’t think they proved their case. But there is a good chance that he will be convicted because these people are sheep when it comes to things like this. I’m hoping that he will be found not guilty.”

Stephanie Edwards

“Well, my opinion on the whole governor situation is, yes, he should be convicted. I honestly think so. In politics, they do a lot of covering up and now that everything is getting uncovered he doesn’t’ really have the right references to back up all the information that was put out there.”

Derrick Carr

“I think he is not guilty.”

Valerie Leonard

“Based on what I’ve heard on the radio and in the media, I believe he will be found not guilty.”

Verdell Price

“He will be found not guilty because he had too many things that they were trying to convict him before he even started. And no money ever changed hands. They knew that money didn’t change hands; they just wanted to grab him and do something to him and treated him like a villain.”

Earl Frazier

“I think they should get all these crooked politicians. All they are doing is taking the money and spending it, and they are not doing anything for the city. The prosecutors put on a pretty good case, and the way things are going, I think they have a good chance of convicting him.”

Quote of the week:

“I’m an innocent man, and I’ve got a lot of confidence in the jury system”

 – Rod Blagojevich, in 2009 about his upcoming federal corruption trail.