Deborah Graham, 29th Ward alderman, arrived at her office at 5755 W. Division Wednesday morning a little after 10:30, along with two of her staff, to field calls from people needing help during the blizzard.

Graham herself had trouble getting to the office, she and her daughter having to shovel knee-high levels of snow in front of her home. Speaking to Austin Weekly News Wednesday afternoon-shortly after the snow finally stopped falling in the city and with a little sunshine daring to peak out from the clouds-Graham said her staff fielded 10 calls. People were mainly trying to get information. Graham said her staff has been contacting churches and block clubs in the area to help shovel in front of residents’ homes. Private snow-removal companies and community volunteers have also been contacted.

“This is going to take a community effort because there is too much snow out there for people to handle themselves,” Graham said, adding that she’s also trying to get assistance for elders especially in the community.

The alderman’s monthly 29th ward meeting-held the first Tuesday of the month-was cancelled Tuesday, and a forum scheduled for Wednesday night has been rescheduled.