Racism played a major part in the mid-term elections last November. However, the media did not want to report about it. Why? All you and other media wanted to do was criticize the group that tried to get a consensus candidate for the black community, and I am thankful for their efforts. It is not coincidental that Rahm was the only candidate representing the white community. However, nobody wanted to investigate that story or report on it.

I am very upset and insulted by some of the white-owned and black-owned news outlets reporting on the mayoral election, the candidates, and specifically the mayor-elect. Obviously, much of the reporting was very biased, mean-spirited and condescending, particularly in the case of Ms. Arlene Jones. I am aware that she is black, but sometimes our own can be just as hurtful and insulting. I now realize how much the renowned and beloved Ms. Delores McCain will be missed.

As a lifelong Chicago resident, I have so many questions. How can Rahm run for mayor of a predominantly black-populated city and not have his record of voting against the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) legislation, 128 times, investigated? Some reporters claimed the story broke too late. Not true. There was ample time to do adequate research and reporting. The decision was made not to.

Even though blacks voted for Rahm, I do not believe they were fully aware of his voting record, his disdain and his disrespectful language regarding the CBC. The media would not report it and as usual, black media professionals continue to appear afraid to report anything suspect about Jewish voters, leadership or elected officials. If there is factual information, it should be reported or questioned. As black people, we are always having our solidarity and actions monitored, questioned, criticized, researched, evaluated and analyzed over and over again.

Wow, here’s a thought: Analyze other communities in the same manner. Jewish people do harbor racists, biased, bigoted, superior feelings toward blacks. If Rahm had voted against women’s issues 128 times, he would have been labeled anti-women; had he voted against children’s issues 128 times, he would have been labeled anti-youth; had he voted against Latino issues 128 times; he would have been labeled anti-immigrant or anti-Latino; and surely, had he voted against people with disabilities 128 times, his career would have been over.

Conversely, if Carol Moseley-Braun or any other black candidate had voted against Jewish issues, the media would have affixed the label anti-semitic. Their voting record would have made the front page of every newspaper and headlined every news network story. Additionally, their careers would have been over. There are plenty of examples.

White leadership, media, and people still practice racism, and it is exhibited in many forms – some overt and some covert. I am of the opinion that we have a current mayor who appears to harbor racist attitudes and behaviors. How else could you explain Daley’s handling of the torture of black men at the hands of former Police Commander Jon Burge?

It was proven that Daley knew about the torture and did nothing to prevent it or prosecute those involved. He remained shamefully silent. Would Daley have responded in the same manner if the victims of torture were Irish, Jewish, Polish, Italian, Asian or all white women? You tell me. The fact that Daley somehow garnered so much support for so many years from the black community indicates there are too many blacks, whites and others willing to overlook his heinous and possibly criminal behavior in order to enhance their careers, finances and political interests.

Rahm did not attend one community forum in this election. He was never questioned about his record, experience or relations with the black community. In fact when asked about reparations for blacks, Rahm regurgitated the same appalling answer as the president. The media never critiqued or insulted him as they did Ms. Braun.

I was concerned with some of the reporting by black women journalists and talk show commentators. If you contrast the coverage of Ms. Braun and Rahm, there was clearly a bias in favor of Rahm. Media has no problem being insulting to the black community. What is our insult level?

The president’s association with Rahm does not elevate Rahm’s status; however, it diminishes the president’s status. Why would the president support Daley, knowing about the torture of black men? Why would the president support Emanuel, knowing about his disdain for and voting record against the CBC?

It is long overdue to have a truthful and meaningful discussion about the relationship between the black and Jewish communities. I am not so convinced that a mutually respectful, sincere, and honest relationship exists. I am open to discussion. Black people have been too intimidated and too silent on this subject.