Daryl Mooney

“From what I understand, they were going to shut down the government, but the senators and Congress were still going to get paid. If the government is shut down, how can they still get paid? If everybody else has to get cuts in the programs, then how is that supposed to benefit us? I don’t understand that. Then they say it’s a problem with Social Security and to my understanding, they still get paid their salary after they leave office, and they don’t put nothing into the Social Security System, but yet they steady getting paid even after they’re out of office. So we’re getting screwed all the way around, and we’re getting screwed by the people who are supposed to make the laws and help us, and all the laws they are making has all this fat to benefit the wealthy and not the poor.”

Larry Skinner

“N’all that ain’t gonna shut down. It’s too much money for the government to shut down. The money is still there. If the government shuts down, it’s going to be some problems here in the United States. What Obama needs to do is put his authority in the right order. Who ain’t going with the program, they should go. He has the power to do that. He’s the chief, the chief of the tribe, and the chief will always have the last say-so.”

Loleatha Kieth

“I feel they should not shut down the government because it can affect a lot of people who live here in the United States, especially the children who’s coming up under us. We need health care for the elderly; we all need that. We need education for our kids to be able to get a better life than I had.

“It is necessary to cut some things, but not the things we really do need to be able to survive here.”

Natasha Mooney

“I think that part of the solution is really simple. Those who work for the government, namely the senators and Congress, even the president, need to give of themselves. They need to come back to these communities that they got votes from, put on some jeans and some gym shoes and work. They need to come back and think about how they give themselves pay increases and think about how that is affecting us as the people who pay the taxes to pay them. Think about all the little things they do to appease those who make seven figures or more and think about the people who are getting left out who make zero to $20,000 a year because the tax burden is really on us.”

Ieashia Parnell

“I think they are going to shut it down because for one, the government’s always bailing us out, and they are going to show us that they are not playing and they are really going to do it. They only gave us 3.8 billion just until September, and after September, then what’s going to happen? They got to show us that they are not joking. They have to make us believe that they want to make this change. The solution is if they would cut back on a lot of the things they are giving us. If they cut back on some of that and some of the low-income housing, I think we will be fine.

DaVonte Tabor

I’m with the Rivers of Living Ministers and what I feel about the recession is that Obama should be more stronger, he should be wiser in the decisions he is making to get funding for us as a people. I don’t think the government will shut down. I believe the government will stand strong. Some of us minority people, we need some things, but as a people, I think we need to stand together and do what is right.”

Carmen Bell

“I don’t think they are going to shut it down. I don’t have any solution, but I don’t think they are going to shut it down.”

Carolyn Parker

“I say shut it down. The people who are in there now, take them out. We should analyze who has been in there too long and get rid of them. We need to clean house. It’s too much back-biting. They are not trying to help the people; they are trying to help each other. We need to clean house and get them all out.”