Keshona Jackson

“I’ve been here for about two years, and I like the fact that I can send my brothers and sisters out to play without worrying about the guys and the gangs shooting around here.”

Randy Murray

“The people are kind of nice around here. It’s a nice neighborhood.  The people are friendly. They speak and don’t cause any trouble.” 

George Young

 “Right now it’s way better than before because the drugs are not over here like it used to be. I was over here, and it was so doggone bad; I used to go home and cool out. Now it’s much better.”

Bernice Jackson

“Everybody is like family. They stick together in this block, and it’s not like it used to be. Ain’t nobody standing on the corner selling drugs anymore. I have lived here about 30-something years. The neighborhood has really come up. You see green grass everywhere. There are not too many vacant lots around here anymore. The abandoned buildings are being fixed. The young people are not hanging on the corner any more. It’s great.”

Qiana Jones

 “I like it now. I’ve been around here all my life, and now you can look from Central to Austin and every block, every lawn, everything is green. I like those cameras they put up. Crime went down. People don’t do what they used to do, at least not on this corner. That building right there on Menard that was an eyesore to the community is a beautiful building now, and it’s some beautiful people who moved to the community that makes it a little bit better.”

Michael Fulton

 “I’ve lived here 20 years. What I like about it is the peace and quiet.  Sometimes it gets noisy. The young people are OK.”

Dejohnette Haymon

“I like that it’s peace and quiet. I’ve been here nearly 40 years, and it’s great. There are mostly senior citizens where I live at, and I look out for them. I’ve seen a lot of young people grow up and they still live here. It’s good.”