Chicago Police have arrested 10 individuals believed to be involved in drug sales and purchases on the West Side.

The large-scale investigation dubbed “Operation May Day” targeted gang members and individuals with felony convictions, resulting in 10 drug-related arrests, police announced Tuesday.

The investigation was a joint effort between the city’s police narcotics division, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Illinois State Police. The arrests involved heroin sellers and buyers, police said. Along with the arrests, three vehicles were seized in the investigation.

Undercover law enforcement officers conducted the investigation, resulting in seven offenders charged with possession of heroin and three offenders charged with delivery of the drug. Police say several of those arrested are gang members, convicted felons and registered sex offenders.

 In a statement released Monday, Alfonza Wysinger, first deputy superintendent of the Chicago Police and a former 15th District commander, said the joint investigation’s efforts “have afforded an opportunity for increased safety to thrive in our communities.”

Arrests related to Operation May Day:

(Suspect, age and charge)

David Soria, 28, possession of a controlled substance
Ira Franklin, 52, possession of a controlled substance
Gregory T. Hughes, 51, possession of a controlled substance
Carl D. Williams, 69, possession of a controlled substance
Jose A. Velez, 54, possession of cannabis
Rogelio Rivera, 47, manufacturing/ delivery of heroin
Leonardo Aviles, 42, possession of a controlled substance
Fred Randolph, 51, manufacturing/ delivery of heroin
Marteez D. Chew, 18, manufacturing/ delivery of heroin
Brian Anthony Martinez, 36, manufacturing/delivery of heroin