Nalani Woods

“McDonald’s, because I like cheese burgers and their french fries. I like vanilla ice cream, too.”

Jachari Ramey

“I like Burger King, because the burgers are bigger. I like their fries too.”

Tijonna Cooley

“McDonald’s, because it is the best restaurant I have ever been to. The food just tastes better and the toys are better.”

Sharia Williams Brown

“McDonald’s, because it has a longer list of things you can choose from. I like the Happy Meals and the ice cream.”

Donald Sanders

“I like McDonald’s, because of the gifts they give us and because of the apple slices and the caramel, and I like the burgers.”

Nevaeh Woods

“Burger King, because it has good cheeseburgers. When I go to Burger King, I get some fries, and I get some burgers and ice cream and that’s all.”