One thing that has become rare to see in the Black community is a sign reading “Grand Opening.” This is rare because most of the businesses in our communities are run by people who operate under the premises that we are only here to get your money. I don’t want to know you and you do not need to know me. Now, this is not the case on the northwest corner of Lake and Pulaski.

On this corner sits a Subway franchise, but not just any Subway franchise this one is black owned and operated. I knew when I arrived that something was different about this establishment. The people were so friendly and the customers seem to be smiling and talking to the employees as if they knew them from around the way.

Upon further investigation I found out the young couple who purchased this location was from around the way.  

Mr. Kevin Cunningham grew up right on the west side of Chicago just a few blocks away on Pulaski and Arthington in what we call K-town. Mr. Cunningham went to school at Daniel Hale Webster elementary and played high school and college basketball in Chicago.  In a day when it seems as if most upwardly mobile people are running from the West Side, Mr. Cunningham says that he is home and committed to doing God’s will. He says God put him in a position where he could be a help to his family and his community, and he sees owning a Subway as an extension of ministry.

The Cunninghams have five children and are showing them an alternative to working for others. They are planning to have their grand opening Jan. 15 from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. with a buy one get one free deal, free raffle, free balloons for the children, spin and win games, and an overall fun day for the community. 

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