CHICAGO – In honor of Black History Month, state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford (D-Chicago) introduced House Resolution 817 to raise awareness about Black history and the ongoing struggles faced by many African Americans.

“I am grateful to the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement that died fighting for a better country and for those disenfranchised in humanity,” Ford said. “The current movie ‘The Monuments Men’ shows how important it was to preserve European history during World War II. Likewise, it is just as important to recognize, uplift and preserve African American history,” said Ford.

“I introduced House Resolution 817 to honor the work of past leaders, but also to show that much more work needs to be done to achieve a fairer humanity, said Ford. “I hope our government and our community will continue to fight to uplift those in the African American community in order to form a more perfect union.”

In addition to his efforts to boost our local economy, support small businesses, and safeguard needed programs and resources, Ford has spearheaded efforts to promote social justice for humanity by fighting for improvements in the criminal justice system, education, healthcare and employment. This session Ford is sponsoring legislation to improve early childhood education and provide needed resources and attention for troubled youth.

“Although we have made many improvements over the years, we can’t ignore the inequalities that persist,” Ford said. “I am proud that we elected the first black president of the United States, which gives proof that hard work pays off, giving us real hope that we can work together for common goals for a better society. I encourage everyone to use Black History Month 2014 to reflect on our nation’s progress and recognize the importance of knowing our history.”

For more information, contact one of Ford’s constituent service offices: 4800 W. Chicago, Avenue in Chicago at 773-378-5902 or 239-E Stratton Office Building in Springfield at 217-782-5962.