Location: Around Town

Robert Collins

“Independence from drama. I don’t want any stress in my life. I don’t want anybody in front of me to stress me out.  I just want to worry about my family, that’s it.” 


“I want to declare my independence over being paid minimum wage.  I want to get paid more!” 

Tracy Temple

” I want to try to live a clean life and be productive. I want to just eat right and get plenty of rest.  Just get my body, mind, and life in good order.” 


“I want to declare independence from Chicago and the killings. No one doing anything about it really.” 

Mike Stinson

” I want to declare my independence of being in the thought that myself, my family, or more so my community is not capable, or not able, or that we don’t have enough of something and that we don’t have the resources, the ideas, the thoughts, the drive, the discipline and work ethics to make a difference in the community because we do have what’s needed to make a difference in the community.” 

James Carpenter

“I want to declare my independence from people who don’t want to aspire to be something great for themselves, their families, and the world. I want to be around people who want to leave their mark on the world and make it better for those to come behind us.”