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Kodi Stallworth

Yes, I will be voting for the minimum wage. I think it should be a little bit more because, with the cost of living, the pay rate needs to go up. Yes, I will be voting for [Pat] Quinn; his works speaks for itself, and I am familiar with him.” 


David Adams

“I am going to vote yes because the cost of living is too high; it should be higher. Rahm is proposing $13. Poor people can’t live off 10 dollars. If you have a family of five and you got three or four kids, you can’t live off $10.”


Demetria Willis

“Yes, I support raising the minimum wage because we need it. $10 is better than $8.25. I’d like to see it raised to $15 because we need it. I am going to vote for Gov. Quinn too.” 


Taurean Conley

“I will be voting on Nov. 4 and I will be voting for Quinn, and I need that minimum wage to rise. Everybody needs to be getting paid at least $10 an hour. They be working hard.” 


Minnie Wilson

“Yes, I am. I am going to be voting for Quinn and the minimum wage increase. I’d like to see it go up to about $15.”


Ravuntay Carter

“I will be voting on the minimum wage to increase because everybody puts in a good amount of work and they need to get paid for it. I will be voting for Quinn for governor.” 

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