Joe Smith: 

“I think it’s not disrespectful. They are doing a tribute to him. I will go see the 3D Thriller.”

Cherese Easter: 

“I think it’s wonderful because it’s saying people still love him and they have not forgotten about him. So I think they should go ahead and do it. I’m going to go see it.” 

William Harris: 

“It’s not disrespectful. I think they are doing a good job by remaking it, so long as they are using African-Americans to do it; it’s supplying jobs, and let his music live on. They are paying homage to the man by remaking Thriller. I am going to go see it.

Lamont Walker: 

“Yes, it’s disrespectful to Michael. They should let the man rest in peace. They are still making money off him while he’s dead. They should go on and let him rest in peace and everybody can be cool. He’s in heaven and they should just leave him alone. I love him, but they should let him rest.”


Brandon Carter: 

“Yeah, that’s disrespectful. That’s messing with his legacy. They shouldn’t do that. They wouldn’t do nothing like that to Elvis. They should just let him rest in peace.”

 Ruben Robinson: 

“It’s business. People don’t stop making money because somebody died. They’re going to keep making money any way they can find to market. They’re going to keep making money because it’s business. It’s not disrespectful; it’s business.  No, I am not going to see it. I didn’t see the last one.”

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