“I was not surprised. I think it was a planned decision. Well, it’s obvious he (Wilson) is well-liked in the cop community, and that it’s understandable they would give him a pass or slap on the wrist.”

Chris Joseph

“It was what I expected it to be. It’s been open season on black men for a while. I am not sure anymore how to protect myself. Being a black man seems to put a target on your back or your head, especially for white cops.” 

Cynthia Calhoun

“I believe the decision was planned. They only had one side of the story because they never released Darrin Wilson’s story. They kept reviewing evidence, and they also delayed the decision.”

Ernie Wiley

“I figured they would not indict him. Now, the black people need to pull together and vote. Ferguson is 98 percent black. They have two votes to every one white vote. They can have a new police chief, prosecutor, and mayor. They should run Michael’s mom for mayor. The power is in their vote.”

Lavonte Hodges

“I am not really sure if it was planned, but I believe the fix was in because they kept reviewing evidence and it took so long to render a decision. I reviewed the court documents and they withheld evidence.

Bonita Reaves

“I think it’s terrible. I don’t think they ever planned to charge him with murder or anything. I have two sons and I am really concerned for their safety. People joke about Suicide-by-Cop, but that is really true for the black community.

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