Charles Harris

“No, I was not surprised they were indicted; I was glad because it’s too much police brutality out here, thank you.  That’s it.”

Bernice Jackson

“I think it was good, because most of the killings are black people and they let them off.  They should give them the electric chair, but they should put them in general lock-up first, so the inmates can get them.”

James Mallet

“I was very surprised they were indicted because we haven’t seen it.  It’s been a couple of cases where police killed a black man and nothing happened. I’d like to see them get four letters L-I-F-E.  Give them the greatest punishment possible.  We have to set an example for these police officers and say the buck stops here.”

Billy Ray Lewis

“I wasn’t surprised they were indicted, because it was long over due. Police should have been charged for their crimes in several other cases and they got to walk.  I think they will be prosecuted and I hope they serve maximum sentences for their actions. I think this young female prosecutor will get convictions.”

Rahama McCline

“No, I wasn’t surprised they were indicted because they were wrong.  I just want to see them prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  I think it’s a new time for black people, especially black youth, to pay attention to the what they are doing and how they are doing stuff when getting approached by the police.”