Sy Bounds

“I’ve said repeatedly, the only way to curve the violence of today is to provide job training opportunities for the young people.  A mind focused on learning and building a future is not prone to destructive behavior. Learning technology and the trades is key to turning things around, especially for black youth.” 

Tim Brown

” We need to engage the youth to become involved in things like 5k runs and other sport activities. This builds character, and it can help revitalize the communities.  Structured activities and opportunities to engage in positive activities will make a difference.” 

Alisha Scott

“By it being the youth, I think you can have more programs for the youth to keep them entertained. Keep them occupied.”

Don Ambrose

“Jobs can stop this.  We need more leadership for the youth, for the black young people.  If you compare the city to Oak Park in regards to the things they provide for their youth like schooling, activities, and sports, there is no comparison.”

Dwayne Watkins
“They need to pick the police carefully, ask they questions, let psychiatrists interview them, and make them take lie detector tests.”

James Carpenter

The youth need someone to guide them into their future.  Jobs training, team sports, and community activities will take the edge off the attraction of violence.  Statistics show that a youth involved in sports or working tends to not engage in destructive or criminal behavior.  For some youth, sports training becomes their full time job, and they pour their all into it.”w

One reply on “In the wake of the Baltimore police indictment, there has been increased violence, and now several shooting of police. What can be done to keep this from escalating in to a long hot violent summer?”