Charlotte Stephenson

Karin Ketter

“I think it’s going to be Paris France because I have never been there, and I’ve heard its an exquisite place to go. “

 China Doll

“I would like to go to Hawaii because I would love to see the trees, the ocean, and the beaches with the white and pretty sand. I would just feel so free about being there.”

Bianca Smith

“I would go to Paris; I would stay in the best hotel. I’d eat all the macaroons I could stuff in by little bitty tommy, and I would buy my first Channel Bag on the Chateau Bay. Paris is such a romantic classic place to go. I feel, if you’re going to start traveling, your first stop should be Paris, then take the train to London.”

 Alexis Bobo

“I would go to Walt Disney World.  I don’t care if it sounds like a clique, but I’m being serious. I’d go to Walt Disney World because my son, Donovan, really wants to go there. It would me, him, and his grandma, and maybe my boyfriend too.  We’ll have a good time. It’ll be something my son would love, and he will cherish and remember it forever.” 

 Charlotte Stephenson

“I would like to go to the Holy Land. I would like to see the walk that Jesus made on his last walk where he carried the cross. I would like to see where he was crucified at.”

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