Luis Romo

Goldie Young

“My father, Randy Cathey, told me to stay in school.  I graduated high school, I graduated college and now I have a job — so it worked out fine.”


Hakeem Burson

“My father, Donald Burson, told me to never give up on my education, to stay in school, be something in life and get a good job. I am following that now.”


Carl Keyes

“He gives us a lot of things. He told me a lot of good things like to stay in school, do my homework, be a good boy and to always look out for my family.”


Margi Dade

“I don’t have a specific quote because my father, Edward Dade, talks too much, but everything taught me about boys and school I still remember.  I learned a lot about boys from him and as a result I am very cautious in dealing with boys.  Even though I have made bad decisions about schools, he doesn’t get mad; he just encourages me to continue on.”


James Carpenter

“My father, Charles George Carpenter, told me to learn as much as I can as far as working and to save your money. That’s the most important thing he ever taught me and he was right.  I learned plumbing and other trade skills, and I have made a living using all of them.”


Luis Romo

“My dad told be to always be respectful, honest and to work hard in order to succeed like he did as an immigrant from Mexico.  He told me to never depend on any public assistance and if I work hard, I will succeed.  I follow that advice in everything I do and I have experienced great success.”