Davon Johnson

“Yes, I hope so because they have every right to charge him.  We saw probable cause on the video.  I think the Mayor and the Police Chief was involved in a cover-up because they are dirty.”

Ray Smith

“I think he will be convicted because he will have to be convicted for justice of the community.”

Dwayne Johnson

“Yes, he should be convicted to make an example of all officers who are out here and trigger happy and pull a gun everybody. At the end of the day, I think they should go ahead and give him life because he took the life of a 17-year old boy, and that’s over kill.”

William Smith

“Yes, I think he will be convicted for first degree murder.  They should keep him arrested for life with out bail.  He took a life, so he should stay in jail for life.”

DJuan Williams

“Yes, I think he will be convicted.  I think he should stay locked up because he took an innocent life, now he should lose his life.”

Marilyn Powell

“He should be convicted, and I hope and pray that he will be convicted because that was a wrongful death. Sixteen shots, come on, he should be convicted.”