Darrion Northern

” A microwave oven.  I tried to cook a turkey in it, because I was six years old. It burnt.  One time. I tried to put some noodle in it and I forgot to put water in it and it burned too.  After that, I didn’t try anymore.”

Marilyn Mallett

“Nothing really.  I have never got a bad gift.  A bad gift for me would be a sweater or a tee shirt, so far I never gotten one.  I hope it stays that way.”

Dayshun Northern

“A camera, because I really don’t like taking pictures. I threw it away.”

Latifah Green

“A homemade sweater my grandmother gave to me.  I gave it to the dog and let him rip it up and said my sister cut it up.  My grandmother didn’t know.   If she finds out, I’ll just say, ‘It was ugly grandma, and you knew it was ugly when you made it, so why would I wear it?'”

Annette Wright

“I believe it was a one-piece snowsuit.  It was blue.  I got it when I was a little girl. I never wore it.  I just folded it up and put in in the back of the closet.”

Bruce Newell

“If I got a dead cat for Christmas that would be the worst.  I don’t think I ever got a bad present.”

Julian Nobles

“A messed up game.  I got a messed up basket ball game once. The balls were all flat.