Dawn Stephenson

“I think it is terrible.  They could have found somebody Black to play Michael.  It’s just like what Wendy Williams said, “it’s like Angela Basset playing Sophia Loren.  You just don’t do that.”

Antonio Mangault

“I don’t like it.  I don’t think it would play well in the United States where Michael is dearly loved, especially by the black community.  I am sure I what see it.”

Margi Dade

I think it’s wacked.  Like the Oscars not nominating any black people this year.  It will probably be a hot mess. Can he even sing?”

Valerie Jackson

“I think it’s shameful.  They are just trying to capitalize on Michael’s fame and the love people have for him.  They could have gotten someone black to play Michael.  If not a well known black star, and new comer would be better than a white man!”

David Jones 

“Well, there is no limit to what whites might do.  I just hope he doesn’t appear in black face.  That will be a real insult and disrespect to Michael, who said in an interview before he died, that he would be horrified if someone white played him in a movie, and that even though his skin color changed, he still identified as an African-American.” 

Ernie Wiley

I think it’s typical.  Even though blacks and Hispanics are becoming the majority in America, Whites are reluctant to let go of the power.  Britain is no better.  They should have gotten someone black to play Michael.  Where is the integrity in having a white man play Michael?  If it’s based on a true story, the actor should not only be black, but bear a likeness to Michael Jackson.”  

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