Isaiah Robinson

“I admire both of my grandmothers because they both had to overcome insurmountable odds from two different spectrums.  They both came through the Civil Rights Movement.  In history, I admire Madam C.J. Walker not because how she revolutionized black hair, but because she is a symbol of black economic empowerment and a period we have lost.”

Cherrie Rivers

“In my family, I most admire my grandmother, Hattie Jones, because she raised my brothers and myself, and my mom, and she had several foster children.   In history, I admire Harriett Tubman because it took a lot of courage to run the Underground Railroad.

La Donna Henry

 “My mom, today is her 82nd. Birthday. We are streaming happy birthday wishes up to heaven to Mama Goldie Marie Moore.  The woman in history is Coretta Scott King.  She was just an amazing mother, friend, wife, and mother to her children.  She kept on moving, and she didn’t give up.  She just continued the legacy of her husband, Dr. King.”

Karron Williams

“It has to be My grandmother because I think she has been saved my whole life which is about 33 some odd years. She has always served the lord, and she is the happiest person ever.  I have never seen her mad at anyone. In history, it’s Harriett Tubman because she started the Underground Railroad and done a lot to help our people. We need somebody like that nowadays to help inspire our young people.”.  

Messiah Equiano

“In my family, My beloved mother Vickie J. Bowden.  She is a true testament of grace and power and everything a woman in God’s flesh should be.  In history, it’s Harriett Tubman.  I don’t think a lot of us would be here if it hadn’t been for Harriett. She helped a lot of people with the Underground Railroad.” 

Laverne Garrett

“My aunt Katie because she raised about six children on her own, and they all went to college and graduated.  I admire Dr. King’s wife, Coretta, because she went through a lot raising her family and being the wife of Dr. King.”