Zena   Stoner

“No because I don’t think it’s right or fair. I wouldn’t because then he might get someone to spy on me.”

Tasha Sturdivant

“No, I would not. It’s just not right.  I don’t think this is something I would like someone to do to me, so I wouldn’t do it.”

Preston Miller

“No, I wouldn’t. This is all about integrity. I wouldn’t want anyone to do it to me.”

Jerome Bailey  

“No because the best spent money is loyal worked earned money. It is not gratification in putting one down to put yourself up. That’s not how it works.”

DeAndre Starks

“No, that’s not acceptable in the work force. I am a boss, and I wouldn’t do it, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to do it either.”

Brian Christian 

“No I would not because that’s not right.  That’s not the right thing to do because what goes around comes around.”

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