Jason Ferguson

“What’s on my mind is how I am going to raise money to get my runners to the races we want to run.  It’s summer and it’s time to start training.”

Daniel Bowden

“I’m thinking about what activities will be around this summer to help keep the young people engaged and safe.  The summer brings out a lot of adverse stuff and activities which can really ruin a life or be dangerous for young people in a certain area.”

Charles J

“I’ve been thinking about the upcoming conventions.  I think the Republicans will be fighting it out.  I hope the center is still standing.”

Margaret Leach

“I watch a lot of news and I am really scared this world is going to float off.  It’s flooding in places where it never floods.  There is something real about this Global Warming.  We need to think about it and do something now.”

Penny Baby

“I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out how to get these guns off the street.  I lost my son on his 75th birthday to gun violence.  I am committed to getting the guns and stopping the violence in our community.

Look Carpenter

“The only thing on my mind is trying to stay cool and watching my old Westerns.  There are a lot of bad things happening and the election is heating up. I try to focus on things I can change.”