Dave McGinley, the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, 1701 N. Narragansett in Galewood, recently opened the church’s doors to Black Workers Matter, Communities United and other groups for a social justice organizing conference on Oct. 7, which was capped off by a protest at Aryzta Bakery, 2035 N. Narragansett. McGinley explained the church’s purpose and community mission. 


We moved here a year ago after we were gifted this building. We believe that justice is for all people and we want this church to be a place for the community. It was a gift to us and we wanted it to be a gift for the community as well. 

It used to be Bethany Lutheran Church, which closed a little over two years ago. These were German Lutherans, so this is minimal at best, but structurally sound. The stained glass shares a little of the story about the church and what was valuable to parishioners. The inside is just beautiful. We want people to experience not just the outside but the beauty on the inside as well. 

I just love what organizations like Black Workers Matter and the Westside Health Authority are doing in the community. We always want to find ways to partner with people seeking justice and trying to better the community as a whole.

— Michael Romain