Most of us are against gun violence, but why do so many of us who oppose gun violence support gun violence by giving money to criminals who then use the money to buy guns? 

Criminals use the money to buy guns in order to kill our neighbors and us. But we support these killers by buying illegal drugs.

Furthermore, the money spent by selfish Americans ends up in the hands of foreign criminals who use the money to corrupt the governments of their towns and villages. 

This corruption facilitates the growth of the drug cartels that terrorize innocent people. Many of those innocent people then flee their own country and turn into migrants seeking asylum in America.  

Why do few people understand that most of our border problems are caused by selfish Americans who are willing to break the law and give money to criminals for illegal drugs?  Why don’t more of us see that this selfishness is funding gun violence here at home and terrorism in several other countries?

Why don’t more of us see that everything has consequences? And that most of these consequences are far reaching. These consequences are far reaching geographically and far reaching down through time and generations. 

The poor consequence of Americans buying illegal drugs reaches geographically into many other countries. The poor long-term consequences of us buying illegal drugs means that not only do we poison ourselves physically but we poison our next generation, our children to come. 

Our money spent on illegal drugs buys guns and not homes and books for our children. Our money spent on distractions prevents us and our children from accumulating our own wealth. Then, ironically, our children may turn to selling illegal drugs in order to get money. This may explain the high numbers of our youth being shot or ending up in jail.

So, when are we going to connect the dots and break these vicious cycles?

Dr. Wylmarie N. Sykes, BA, MA, MS, AM. MS, PhD., CEO, Operation Safe Child