As you know, coronavirus concerns have shut down most, if not all, live music in the U.S. And many other countries.


Live music was an iffy business even before the pandemic. Keep in mind, fans have less to spend now. Many have lost jobs in the corona-generated economic depression.


Other issues:


–Blues venues are small, tightly-packed —whether we’re crowding into a Black lounge on Chicago’s West or South Side and suburbs, or a tourist club downtown or on the North Side. Blues is an intimate art form where people share stories and shout out their responses, so it’s hard for patrons to physically distance.


–Just as in the grocery and dollar stores, we can wear masks to a live indoor show, but people can get frustrated and careless.


–Vaccines are becoming available, though science doesn’t know yet how effective they will be, for how long, or whether they keep those who are vaccinated from carrying and spreading corona germs.


–Music is tied to freedom of expression. Would you go along with having to bring a vaccination certificate in order to get into a concert? What about taking fans’ temperatures at the gate? (with a refund if turned away?) How about requiring proof of a negative corona test from two to three days before a concert? Ticketmaster is floating these ideas.


–Have music biz bean-counters worked out the added costs of corona precautions ? We might need to use these statistics to seek grants or federal money.


–Outdoor festivals and concerts were among the first public activities banned—before the world knew much about the behavior of the virus. What does science show about actual outdoor venue dangers? Can x-marks for each group on the grass, or designated bench space, reduce virus spread? More porta-potties to reduce crowding? More handwashing and sanitizer stations?


–Restaurants have developed new ways to serve outdoors and spread out tables indoors. Is anyone, like health inspectors, keeping track of the specific effects of these restaurant innovations?


–What about ultraviolet light? Can it be used in more situations to kill viruses indoors?


–What aren’t the news media talking about medicines already available to treat those who get the virus at an early stage, to keep from having to go to the hospital? In India and Iraq, studies show the drug vermectin, already approved for parasites and other uses, is proving effective against corona:


–What about each one of us building our immune defenses with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and other supplements? This is maybe where we have the most control over our own fate.


Considering all these conditions, how can we get our music back? Let’s hear a plan for spring 2021!

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