We are still fresh into 2021, with months left to make it a successful year! Each January 1st, many of us set resolutions for things we’d like to accomplish throughout the year for ourselves, family/friends, and/or in our communities.

The most common New Year’s goals are related to personal health and fitness. If you are starting to lose steam on your fitness journey or want to adopt new habits to promote better health, here are some tips and resources to help you conquer your 2021 health and fitness goals:

Get rid of distractions

Focus on the task at hand! Whether it’s eating, writing, exercising, or working, concentrate on what you have to accomplish. Be intentional about what you are consuming in all forms and how it affects your mood and overall health. Committing to this way of life may mean less screen time daily, but imagine how much more you could achieve.

Competition and motivation

Find a motivated partner or group who are on a similar journey as you. There is nothing wrong with friendly competition because it pushes you and your partner(s) to higher heights. Trying new recipes and sharing ideas for a healthy lifestyle can only add to the fun, so push yourself to be more social on this journey (in a responsible way that protects you and other parties).

Useful Apps*

Try to dedicate more of the time you spend on devices to apps that help your overall health and well-being. Apps like Myfitnesspal for meal tracking, Headspace for mindfulness and meditation, Fitplan for fitness training sessions, and many more can all be valuable resources.

Find your peace

Simple actions like drinking tea while watching the sunrise, quiet walks after lunch, and listening to your favorite playlist at the park can aid in making your journey more joyous. Ask yourself, what am I able to do today to remain in a peaceful and happy mood? Once you have the answer, reasonably incorporate that action into your routine.

Make a meal game plan

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