We live in a world and in a society that proclaims everyone gets to be a “victim.” No one has to search far or wide to attain that designation because the qualification is easy. There is a never-ending list a person can pick and choose from, almost like a carryout menu, to make the claim. The list is metaphorical so the “victim” can find something to qualify and quantify their “victimhood” status. Just find the one reason that best fits their needs, and voilà … they have earned the title, “victim!”

Once ensconced in that title, individuals can wallow in their misery with themselves and others. They have a “victim card” that they can use at will. That victimhood status becomes the crutch they need not to help themselves or better themselves; instead they lean on it as it keeps them forever wrapped in victimhood. And that cloak becomes both their offense and defense. Now they can preface everything they say and do by proclaiming, “I am a victim.”

The biggest problem with everyone being a victim is that now you have to determine who is the perpetrator. There has to be a perpetrator because everything in this world is based on polar opposites. You know, night/day, fat/skinny, short/tall, etc. … you get the picture: victim/perpetrator. The conundrum is that every perpetrator is also a victim!

Huh? Wait a second! How can that be? If a person is a victim, somebody has to be responsible for it. Victimhood status just didn’t happen. It was caused! And if it was caused, then every victim needs to be able to blame and name their culprit. Otherwise, their victimhood is a complete bust. If they can’t blame someone for their condition, then are they really a victim? And so it goes. A never-ending cycle of victims whose perpetrators are also victims as well.

Confusing? Of course! Because the current need for victimhood status by each and every one is designed to be as confusing as possible. And confused folks don’t think straight. Thus when presented with the realistic facts, it makes it more difficult to wrap your head around it. So instead of questioning the victimhood status, people just become accepting of it because it’s the easier way out.