Ever since the Oprah interview that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave, both of them are getting my side eye — especially Meghan because she played the race card perfectly to Black people. She alleged racism, but when you sit back and think about it, that allegation only pertained to the question about how dark her baby might be.

And since that question was only asked in conversation with family members with Prince Harry, I always wonder why she didn’t let him bring it up first, as opposed to herself. Her retelling the incident becomes more hearsay than firsthand knowledge. But if one is to profess racism, it will be more believable to hear if the person with Black ancestry does it.

Typically with Black folks, anytime there is an interracial baby coming along, we tend to ponder a lot about the baby’s skin color and hair texture. Then again, had Oprah been a better interviewer, she would have asked Meghan if her own mother, Doria Ragland, had been asked the same question about her. For Meghan is living proof that a white father and black mother does not necessarily produce a dark child.

I have been learning a lot about the Royal family ever since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Everything about Royal life is protocol. There’s a way to look, to dress, or walk and talk. And Meghan — having only been involved with it for four years, half of that time back in America — is an amateur at it.

Take for example when she, her husband, Prince William and his wife all did the walk about looking at the flowers left for the late Queen. When the aide tried to get the flowers given to Meghan from her, she indicated she would not let them go. But protocol dictates the Royal person should never hold on to something that is given from the public because it could contain a bomb or poison.

So rather than listen to what the aide asked of her, she showed that she wanted to do it her own way. A second aide had to come up and again ask her to release the flowers. She finally acquiesced. But in anybody’s world, why couldn’t she have just listened to those doing their job to begin with? Because Meghan doesn’t understand protocol. And that’s why the staff looked at her as a difficult person. Because Royal life is puppet life, the same way the POTUS has to be for secret service agents.

Over the next couple of months to years, the game of chess between King Charles and Prince Harry and Meghan is going to play out. They want the Royal titles for their children, but it is up to King Charles to grant them. Personally, with all the hassles those two have caused, if I were King, I would just strip them of their titles and make them commoners. If they don’t want Royal duties, they shouldn’t be burdened with a Royal title. And without any kind of title, interest in them will wane.

Currently, there are a lot of social events that have overlooked them. One in particular was Obama’s big 60th birthday bash. They were not invited. If that happens while they are holding a royal title, imagine if they didn’t have any?

I’m putting my money on King Charles to be the better chess player on this.