Ever since the Oprah interview, I’ve been inclined to follow the ongoing saga of Snitch Harry and the Duchess of Suck It. While Oprah reacted with astonishment that somebody would ask how dark the soon-to-be firstborn would be, I was insulted. Black folks have always questioned what biracial children might possibly look like.

My immediate response back to Meghan would have been, “What’s wrong with dark?” and posed the question, “Was the same asked about you when your mother was pregnant?” As her father Thomas Markle later said, race was never an issue for Meghan as she was growing up. And although her natural hair is very curly, it is obvious she relaxes it so that her appearance is more toward the white side of the family than the Black side.

Anyway, back to the recently announced book coming out in January of 2023 from Snitch Harry. It’s titled Spare. I’ve renamed it, and him, “Snitch” because, for a man who was born into the Royal family who never once suffered a day of hunger and never had to overcome any adversity, to now fill a 400-plus-page book with laments will never garner my interest to buy it. The publishers are only dropping slight tidbits of what is going to be in the book, but based on past interviews with the Snitch, he expresses the pain he went through having to follow his mother’s coffin. Well guess what, Snitch Harry? Most folks tend to ride in a car following the hearse with the coffin. It is obvious that his privileged upbringing had sheltered him from the realities that most of us know about: the protocol of funerals! And if one really wants to talk about the horrors of having to honor their parent in a casket, I think back to the day in 1963 when then 3-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr. had to salute his father’s casket. So sorry, Snitch, your lament is nothing new.

As for my renaming of Megan, a recent video clip of her first role after leaving the game show Deal or No Deal was found. After having declared that she felt like a bimbo as the suitcase girl, one would think she would be qualifying all of her roles in future endeavors in Hollywood based on that history. So what role did she take? She appeared as a bit player on the TV show 90210, whose head slowly rises above the dashboard as if she had been performing a sex act on the male driver. If the suitcase girl felt like a bimbo then, I’m sure she felt like a “ho” in that role.

She had an opportunity to become a world icon for good; instead she’s become an icon for just how foolish a woman can be. She rarely refers to her husband by name in interviews, as if the world is that interested in her. She only came to fame because of who she married and not what she’s done. She is caught in lie after lie, and her using racism as her catch-all shield along with playing the victim is not going to work. We see the two of them for who they are: privileged individuals who will do anything to garner attention for money.

May the entire world turn their backs on them!