Philistine Floyd

“Well, the reason I patronize is: in my building they were offering seniors coupons¡ª$3.50 for your meal. I only get six coupons and it last me two or three months. There are two restaurants, this one (Robinson) and another one. There is another downtown; I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve been to this one a couple of times. They are very nice to me here. They wait on me and help me out if I need it.”

Tyrone Wideman

“I return to this restaurant because I like the service, and my family has been coming here for years. And the food has been the same. We like the ribs and it has not changed. All the employees are friendly and real nice.”

Olivia Spicer

“It all depends on how well the service is and the product. The cleanliness, the atmosphere and, of course, the food is a great reason for customers to return.”

Vernette Swanigan

“The customers come back because our customer service skills are great and the food is prepared well. And when they are here their experience is enjoyable; it makes them want to come back.”

Shemika Robinson

“They come back because of me. We have nice customer service, nice food; we’re kind and friendly to our customers and we are fun to be around. We have on occasions had someone who was down on their luck, hungry and feeling bad. We will feed them because our boss (Mr. Robinson) emphasizes giving back and you will always be rewarded.”

TaShunda Cooper

“I’m a good employee. I’m a good waitress and we have a nice boss. The place stays clean and I treat the employees and my coworkers the way they need to be treated. I especially take pride in treating our customers with respect and professionalism.”


Quote of the week:

“The blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding.”

¡ªWillie Dixon, famed blues bassist and songwriter