The director of a West Side nonprofit and her family are in need of help after a house fire destroyed their home on March 31.

Shannon Medic, 31, who’s been director of Humboldt Park-based Reason to Give for 5 ½ years, along with her fiancé and father lost all their belongings in the fire, including clothing. Medic, who is also getting married in August, lost her late mother’s wedding dress in the fire that she planned to wear. 

Dawn Hancock, the nonprofit’s founder, recalls hearing stories over the years of people losing their homes, but that this was worst than anyone could imagine. 

“I got there and it was devastating. I mean everything from corner to corner was gone,” she said.

In the weeks since the fire, the organization’s interns have visited the house to try to salvage some of the family’s belongings and were able to recover some of Medic’s missing jewelry. The nonprofit serves the Humboldt Park community around a unique “social justice model” for helping those in need. The 7-year-old nonprofit connects donors directly with those needing help financially. 

So far, the organization has raised roughly $19,000 for Medic and her family. Still, they’re in need of additional donations, such as kitchen supplies and clothing. Reason to Give’s goal is to raise money for the family while they wait for their insurance claim to come through. 

“She is so nice; her job is to help people in these kinds of situations and out of poverty,” Hancock said of Medic. “I mean, she does a lot for people and you would think that this is the last person this could happen to. The only good thing from this is that I know she is a tough person, and if anyone can get through this, she can.” 

To get involved

Those who want to help donate to the family can contact Dawn Hancock at, and can drop off contributions at the organization located at 2701 W. Thomas St.